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    I am pretty new around here, but I wanted to discuss something that is very dear to me….3D Scanning and Forensics. I would like to start this thread as a means to discuss issues, techniques and such related to 3D scanning and Forensics. To start things off, I’ll just thow some things out there for discussion…. I think there is a bit of miscommunication from the media about the usefulness of 3D scanners. They make it sound as if you have all the answers once you have collected a scan at a crime scene. This is far from the truth. In fact, it is an extremely dangerous situation when people start relying on the technology to “find” things that could have been found at the scene of a crime by an experienced investigator. In my opinion, it’s is much easier to lose something in a 3D scan or have something go unnoticed when compared to actually being present at a scene. I am particularily curious about how people quantify the data in terms of accuracy? What kinds of errors can one expect in a long range scan from registering 5 or more scans? What about collecting data from specular, shiny and reflective objects? I am curious to hear what your experiences have been.

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