CoLiDo Foro Impresoras 3D Would Power Outages Damage a 3D Printer in Mid-print?

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    If (knocks on wood) there’s a power outage in the middle of a print or when downloading a file, can you simply turn the power back on later and start again? I know there’s no way to continue where you left off, but it wouldn’t damage the printer in any way, would it? I’m using an UP! Plus2, by the way. I’m asking because I’m thinking about getting a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) aka backup battery unit for use while printing. Even if the battery’s charge might not last as long as a particular print, I can still safely stop the print and restart after the power comes back on. I probably won’t bother if the printer can’t be damaged by sudden power cuts. While power outages are rare in my area, there’s quite a bit of thunderstorms here, and there’s always a chance the circuit breaker might be tripped.

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Viendo 1 publicación (de un total de 1)

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