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What is dibuprint 3D?

Dibuprint 3D: model in 3D without previous knowledge

Dibuprint 3D is a tool that allows the user to design in 3D without previous knowledge. Simplifies the 3D modeling process by moving the designs from the paper to the screen.

Easily you can transform any image saved on the computer, in a 3D model, also you will be able to draw with the computer and take a look the 3D file. Finally, Dibuprint 3D generates the STL file for printing.

At the same time, Dibuprint 3D generates an internal skeleton in the model that provides movement and dynamism. The skeleton allows the 3D design to come to life by modifying the position.

Thus, thanks to Wildbit Studios’ exclusive RTSE® technology, Dibuprint 3D is positioned as the most effective tool for 3D printing in classrooms and at home.

dibuprint 3d

Description and functionalities

Dibuprint 3D is designed to speed up the process of implementing 3D printing in the home and classrooms. It’s an exclusive software developed specifically for all those users who do not have previous experience in 3D design. Dibuprint 3D makes easier 3D printing by taking it where it was not possible before. Thanks to it’s simple handling and infinite possibilities, anyone will be able to design in 3D. You only need a paper and a pencil, an image saved on the computer or a webcam to capture the drawing.

In addition, Dibuprint 3D has a dynamic interface in order to make easy the 3D design in an intuitive, simple and direct way.

Dibuja en 2d

Draw in 2D, create in 3D

The program includes a simple image editor to draw directly on the screen, with clipping tools for photos, brush palette, fill, eraser, etc.

dibuprint 3d |

From paper to reality

Through the webcam you can capture drawings made on paper by children or users.

diseña en 3d |

Your pictures come to life

2D images, drawings or photos can be uploaded from the computer’s folders.

Download your TAG and start drawing!

The TAG allows Dibuprint 3D to capture the drawings using a webcam.

It is a square inside of which you have to make your drawing.

Remember your drawing must NOT touch the borders of the TAG for Dibuprint 3D to recognize it. Also keep in mind that the outer shape of the drawing needs to be closed for the 3D model to be generated properly.

TAG Dibuprint

Dibuprint 3D allows to easily modify the pose of the 3D model created through its skeleton, automatically generated by RTSE technology. This way, we can print in 3D the model in the pose that we want.

Dibuprint 3D exports a STL file, which is compatible with all 3D printers and it can be printed after the g-code has been generated.

Dibuprint 3D enables to print pieces with relief so that the final piece includes the interior features defined by the colors of the drawing, providing a much more complete idea of the object, especially in monochromatic printers.

Dibuprint 3D fits your needs:
Dibuprint 3D BASIC and Dibuprint 3D GOLD

dibuprint 3d

Dibuprint 3D is a PC program developed for the domestic, educational and professional environment. Dibuprint allows the desing of 3D models to those who do not have specific training in this field.

There are two options of Dibuprint, depending on your needs, you can choose the one that you need.

Dibuprint 3D BASIC and Dibuprint 3D GOLD

Dibuprint 3D BASIC: is for private use. BASIC license has the complete application of the Dibuprint 3D, and you can design, capture images with the webcam and import images from the computer. Of course, with options of retouching, cutting, filling and storage the images. Also, it’s included the technology that brings the possibility of generate a fully interactive internal skeleton. And, of course, with the possibility of exporting the 3D design for printing.

Dibuprint 3D GOLD: is composed of two differentiated modules that simplifies the use of this program, with these two modules combined, you will be covered all the time.

  • First module is the complete application Dibuprint 3D: with all the features of the BASIC license, but with the possibility to enjoy all the updates. Dibuprint 3D is a live program, an application whose purpose is to grow and develop, with this feature you will have all the future improvements.
  • Second module if the support Portal Dibuprint 3D: a tool for managing doubts and questions. Online support, manuals, tutorials, … In this platform, you will be guided in the world of modeling and 3D printing.

Dibuprint 3D in Educational Centers

dibuprint 3d demo 1 -

In this way the educational use of Dibuprint 3D is practically unlimited. Is the tool that will help the little ones to participate in the creative process of the contents, because it’s a unique software that makes 3D printing easier for the kids. As it’s precisely the age segment that can maximize the use of 3D printers in classrooms, but they have less knowledge of 3D printing, the use of Dibuprint is the best way to teach the kids from the early ages.

Therefore, the students of primary and children, without knowledge of drawing in 3D, will be able to create with their usual tools their first 3D models. With a pencil and paper, students will be able to model in 3D. With 2D pictures and images, they will create three-dimensional objects with their own motion using the webcam.

Dibuprint 3D is a collaborative educational tool. The software that allows viewing on electronic whiteboards and interactive screens the 3D designs once is installed on the computer. Dibuprint 3D it’s a complement to CoLiDo 3D printers. We are facing a transversal educational project, linking different subjects in a direct and simple way. The difference is that, thanks to the 3D printers of CoLiDo, the teaching activity is transformed into something physical. Dibuprint 3D, in short, is positioned as a differential element in the educational process. Dibuprint 3D gets the basic premise of 3D printing: from imagination to real life.

dibuprint 3d
dibuprint 3d

Support Portal Dibuprint3D

A simple portal for incident management and online support. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s located in this same web section «support». This tool allows us to be at your side all the time.

Dibuprint 3D has a support service based on an annual license that covers all the needs of the Educational Centers. Discover all the benefits of our GOLD licenses.

GOLD support terms

Access our support portal, click here

Technical requirements

Dibuprint3D is an application developed for PCs under the system operating Windows 8 and higher.

descargar TAG dibuprint3d


Do not forget to print your TAG so that Dibuprint can recognize the drawings made on paper and thus generate the 3D model correctly.

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